[Samplepack] MULTIEFFECT I

by xo:re

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Sample pack contain more than 5 files (lol) it's just a demo of some sounds.
After downloading this release you'll find a txt-file. Inside will be download link to full sample pack.
Sorry for that, not my fault. Bandcamp don't support sample packs.


Hello friends!
As you seen I wasn't online for a while now. People sent messages asking is I'm ok. Thanks for all support, messages and donations! I really appreciate it and keep it in heart.
For the whole year I was busy trying to reestablish my life during war time and move far from war zone. Can't say that it was successful, I was close but there is new problems, bureaucracy and a lot of stuff that I don't even know how to explain. Crazy time this is the reason why I wasn't here. But I don't give up and still doing what I can to have a roof under my head.
But situation hasn't changed much for last year or two.

But today I release a new sample pack. And it's pretty exciting for me because it never intended to have a public release at all.
I created a lot of sounds for my personal production and experiments but with time I started to think is that would be more useful for people to release it and make available for anyone. Especially that now I don't have a time for music.

I release a MULTIEFFECT Samplepack I. A first part of my own production sound library created for my electronic production.
A 1gb. collection of loops, basses, ambient sounds and tons of just weird sounds with small bonus made in 170 bpm tempo. And as always It can be used in variety of ways in any production. And as always for free. You can donate and it would support me a lot but there is no any limitation for downloading for free.

I plan to release second and third part of my production library and MULTIEFFECT EP sounds from which will be available as sample pack in near future but it depends on how people will accept it. Will they like the sample pack or not.

Like it, not, want to hear something different? Let me know!

Really excited about the whole thing and hope you will find a good use for this pack.

Thank you all!


released March 9, 2017